I do waxing every month, so I know about it a lot! Here are my useful tips about at-home waxing and step by step tutorial!


For the beginning you must have wax warmer, depilatory paper (strips), wax remover oil and facial cleaner with alcohol (for disinfection). Also you can use scrub (before procedure) and special serum that slows hair growth (after waxing).


I use special wax cartridges, because I find wax in jars (with wooden paddle) not comfortable in at-home use.

Waxing At Home – Step by step tutorial for easy and effective at-home waxing

So, let’s begin!

1 step

Use scrub to every place you want to depilate. Just before waxing – disinfect skin with facial cleaner with alcohol.


2 step

Heat up wax cartridge with wax warmer. Spread wax in one line (from knee to ankle). Don’t cover all your leg with wax, because it will cool and you will have big problems to remove it from your skin.


3 step

Attach special paper strip to the place with wax on your leg. Smooth it down in the direction of hair growth. Pull strip quickly and straight against the hair growth just parallel to your body. Keep going.

Waxing At Home – Step by step tutorial for easy and effective at-home waxing

4 step

Remove remains of wax with oil. Just massage your skin with oil and wax will be removed. Wait for 15 minutes, so your skin can calm after procedure.


5 step

Wash your legs (or any place you have depilated) with shower gel. After shower – apply any soothing after shave balm.


6 step

After 2-3 hours (or even next morning) apply special serum that slows hair growth.


Voila! Here you are! But I would like to share some useful secrets with you!

–         To make waxing painless do it just after menstruation. Nobody knows why – but you will not feel 70% of pain!

–         Use scrub twice a week after waxing, or your hair will grow under the skin. And that is painful and ugly. lol

–         Don’t use antiperspirants just after waxing, in case you depilate armpits. Wait when skin will become its usual colour and texture.

–         If you have diabetes or varicose veins – consult with doctor can you depilate or not. It could be dangerous.

–         Be VERY careful with big moles. And also ask doctor about depilation.

Waxing At Home – Step by step tutorial for easy and effective at-home waxing

Anyway, girls, I’ll tell you what… Waxing is good, but my hair want to live so strong, that they start to grow after one week! So sometimes I shave it despite the fact that I do depilation.

If you have questions – write in comments!

Good luck!

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